Remote Server Setup
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To access the Options select "Options->Setup Options" from the Remote Server Main Menu.


Mobile Device Access
·Require Mobile Device users to Login?  
Activate this option if you wish to utilize the User Account Control feature and require all mobile device users to login.  
This applies ONLY to mobile device users. The User Account Control feature is configured separately within the Remote Request Client (KIOSK). Please refer to the Remote Client Setup for further information.  
·Do NOT display Brand/Series in Search Results.  
Activate this option if you do NOT wish to have the Brand/Series designators displayed as part of the search results.  

·Preferential Dup-Eliminator  
·Exclude Duplicate Listings  
When activated, only ONE matching Song (Song Title and Artist Name match EXACTLY) will be listed within the Search Results.  
·Preferred Brand(s):  
You may designate your Brand Preferences (Preferred Brands to be listed when duplicates exist.) by entering their TWO CHARACTER Brand Identifier (CB = Chartbuster), separating each preference with a semi-colon (NO SPACES!). Example: CB;SC;PI;DK would indicate CB as your FIRST preference, SC Second... etc. (Typically, the first TWO characters of the original Karaoke CD+G Disc ID are the Brand Identifiers)  
·Exclude Filter  
Enter the text phrase(s), that if found anywhere within the Title or Artist Name, will be excluded from the displayed listings to the user. Separate each text string with a semicolon. (NO SPACES)  
Example: "w/vocal;duet;vocals" will filter out "My Way by Frank Sinatra w/vocals" etc.  


Network Settings
·Network Listening Port  
This allows you to change the Network Listening Port if necessary. Please refer to the Network Troubleshooting section for further information.  



·Activate Diagnostic Mode  
If you experience issues connecting to the Client, or other Network related issues, you may activate the "Diagnostic Mode". After activating the Diagnostic Mode, you MUST shutdown and restart the Server application. Please be sure to READ any Error messages if any, since they are designed to provide valuable information pertaining to the applicable error.  


To facilitate further diagnostics, you may view the onscreen logs by clicking the "Show Logs" button found on the Main Dialog. All network communications between the Client and Server are logged and viewable.