What is the Secure Kiosk Mode?
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Secure KIOSK Mode: While in the Secure KIOSK Mode, the Kiosk occupies the entire screen. The Windows Taskbar disappears, and potentially malicious keystrokes are trapped and disabled (ALT-CTRL-DEL, WINDOWS Key etc.)

·To ENTER Secure Kiosk Mode:  
·Select "File->Activate Secure (Kiosk) Mode" from the Remote Request Client (KIOSK) Main Menu. (You may optionally configure the Client to automatically launch in Secuure Kiosk Mode, see Remote Client Setup for instructions.)  
·To EXIT Secure Kiosk Mode:  
·Navigate to the Startup Screen (Click or Touch "RESET")  
·Press CTRL-A  
·If an Adminstration Password has been configured, the Password dialog will appear, whereby you'll be required to provide the correct password before exiting Kiosk mode.