Adding Song Selections to Performers Queue
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CompuHost allows for unlimited Song Request in each Performers Queue. This allows for each Performer to provide you with as many selections as they desire, and when appearing onstage, they are free to choose any song from their queue instantly!

1. To start adding song selections, select the appropriate Performer from the Performer Rotation list by simply clicking on the Performers' name. (H) (Figure- Main Screen)  
2. Click "Add Song Request" from the Song Queue Function Buttons (I) (Figure - Main Screen)  

The Song Search dialog will appear...
(Figure - Add/Edit Songs)

3. Enter your desired "Search Text". (B) (Example "my way")  
4. Select the desired Search Method. (C)  
·Begins With - Search field(s) must "BEGIN" with the entire "Search Text".  
·Contains... - Search fields(s) must contain ALL of the words found in the "Search Text" in ANY order.  
5.Click one of the following buttons (D) depending on the desired results…  
·Search All - Locates listings that match your Search Criteria in ANY field (Title, Artist). Ex: You may enter "My Way Sinatra" to quickly find "My Way" by "Frank Sinatra".  
NOTE: DEEP SEARCH - You may also combine the DiscID into the search criteria by performing a "Deep Search". To do this, simply append a PLUS Sign (+) to the END of the Search Text. As an example, to locate the "MUSIC MAESTRO" version of "My Way" by "Frank Sinatra" you may enter "My Way Sinatra MM+" to perform the Deep Search.  
·Search Title/Search Artist - Depending on the selected "Browsing Order" (A), You may search ONLY the applicable field. Ex: Searching the text "Way" will result in a listing of all Songs matching your Search Criteria in ONLY the field selected.  
·Show All - Displays ALL listings in your SongBase.  

All Listings that match the Search Criteria will be displayed in the Listings Window (E)  
6. Select the desired selection by "Left-Clicking" your mouse over the selection.  
7. Optionally enter a Key or Tempo Change request (F). (These settings will automatically take affect when this performance is started). DX Mode Required for Tempo Change Functionality.  
8. Click "Select Listing(s) and Return" (G)