Configuring and Using the FillerTunes Player
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The FillerTunes feature allows for unattended operation of "between performances" filler music. When properly configured, FillerTunes will automatically fade in and fade out between performances, thus eliminating the dreaded "Dead Air"!

·To start configuring the FillerTunes player, click the "FillerTunes" tab on the lower left of the Main Screen.  

The following dialog will appear...

1. Add MP3/M4A/WMA/WAV files to your PlayList by clicking "Add" from the PlayList Buttons (E) .
·A File Selection Dialog will appear. Locate and select the MP3/M4A/WMA/WAV/MP4 (Audio) file(s) you wish to include in this PlayList.  
·As you select files, they will appear in the PlayList window.  
·Repeat as necessary.  
·You may utilize the PlayList buttons (E) to "Add" listings to, "Delete" listings from, "Clear", "Open", and "Save" a PlayList.  
·Optionally you may utilize the "Drag and Drop" process to quickly and easily ADD your Song Files to the Playlist. Simply DRAG the selected Song Files from Windows File Explorer and DROP them onto the FillerTunes Playlist.  
2. After you have selected the Song file(s) you wish to include in this PlayList, click "Save" from the PlayList buttons (E), thus Saving the Playlist for later recall.

3. You may configure the FillerTunes Options by clicking the "FillerTunes Options" Button (H). Configurable Options Include…
·Adjust the desired FadeIn StartTime. The FadeIn StartTime is the time before the Karaoke Performance ENDS that you wish the FillerTunes to START fading back in.  
·FadeIn Duration - This sets the Speed (duration) that the FillerTunes Fade Back In. Slower Speed = Longer Fadein duration.  
·FadeOut Duration - This sets the Speed (duration) that the FillerTunes Fade Out. Slower Speed = Longer FadeOut duration.  
·Desired Action After Song Selection Has Played.  
4. Start Automatic PlayBack of the loaded PlayList by clicking the "AutoPlay" button (C).
5. Control the VOLUME by utilizing the VOLUME Slider (D)
6. Stop, Pause or Start a Selected Song using the Control Buttons (A) (NOTE:"Start" does NOT apply to AutoPlay mode).

Automated Playback will commence.

During Playback you may control the order of playback by utilizing the following features….
·Randomize PlayList (F) - This will randomize the Playlist, thus resulting in random playback of the loaded Playlist.  
·Reorder the Playlist by utilizing the FOUR List Position Controls to the LEFT of the Playlist Window.  
·CUE a Selection to Play NEXT by making a selection and clicking the "CUE" button (G).  
·Immediately Launch a previously CUED selection by clicking the "Launch CUED" button (B).