Configuring/Managing MyKJMedia
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Activating MyKJMedia on this computer

After registering on the MyKJMedia website (, and either enrolling in the Karaoke Cloud Subscription program or purchasing credits through the KJ Media Pro program, you'll need to activate MyKJMedia within CompuHost V2 Karaoke Hosting Solution.
To do this...

An active and functioning Internet Connection is necessary to complete the account activation process, therefore ensure your computer is properly connected to the Internet before proceeding.

REMINDER: An Internet connection is
NOT required for playback of Karaoke Cloud subscription based content or for redeeming KJ Media Pro credits and unlocking selections at your shows or outside engagements.

·Select "MyKJMedia -> Configure/Manage MyKJMedia" from CompuHost's Main Menu.  
·The following dialog will appear...  

(Image 1)

·Click "Setup/Configure" (B) (Image 1)  
·The following dialog will appear...  

(Image 2)

·Click "Activate" (A) (Image 2)  
·Enter the Account Login Username and Password used while creating your profile on  
·Click "Login"  
·If all goes well, your account will be validated online and activated on this computer.  
·Next, if you anticipate having HIGHSPEED Internet access available at your shows and/or engagements you may wish to take advantage of the advanced "Download On-Demand" feature (B). (See "Using Download-On-Demand")  
·Finally, you'll need to designate the "Storage Folder" you wish your new song selections to be stored in once unlocked/purchased utilizing your KJ Media Pro credits and added to your song library (C) (Image 2).  
IMPORTANT! The Storage Folder selected above MUST be a PERMANENT storage location. Your new selections are automatically cataloged within CompuHost as part of the Unlocking process. Therefore, the files should not be moved, so they can be properly located for playback when needed.

Downloading Initial Selections and New Releases

Once MyKJMedia is activated on your computer, you'll need to download some (or all) of the MyKJMedia selections to your computer so they're available for playback (Karaoke Cloud Subscribers) or unlocking/purchasing (KJ Media Pro Users).
This step may not be necessary if you've activated the "Download On-Demand" option and anticipate having HIGHSPEED Internet access at your show(s) or engagements. see "Using Download-On-Demand".

REMINDER: Downloading and/or Updating your locally available Karaoke Cloud/KJ Media Pro selections is easy and FREE!

·Click "Download New Releases" (D) (Image 1)  
·The following dialog will appear...  

(Image 3)

·In just a few moments a full list of currently available selections will be provided (B) (Image 3)  
·You may search the list (A) and tag (B) only the selections you wish to download or you may click "Tag All" (C) to select all of the selections for download.  
·Once you've tagged your selections, simply click "Download Tagged Files" (D) to begin downloading.  
NOTE: Depending on how many selections you select for download and the actual speed of your Internet connection, this process may take quite awhile.

Withdrawing/Redepositing KJ Media Pro Credits
If you've purchased KJ Media Pro credits through MyKJMedia, you'll need to withdraw some, or all (NOT RECOMMENDED! See "Precautions and Securing KJ Media Pro HD Credits") of your "Credits" so you can begin redeeming them for new song selections when, and as needed!
NOTE: This step may not be necessary if you've enrolled in the Karaoke Cloud Subscription option and have not purchased, and/or do not intend to utilize KJ Media Pro credits for On-Demand unlocking/purchasing of selections.

·Click "Manage Credits" (C) (Image 1)  

(Image 3)

·Your available "Online Credits" and "Locally Stored" credits are provided onscreen. (A) (Image 3)  
·You may "Withdraw" and "Redeposit" credits as needed by selecting the desired transaction. (B) (Image 3)  
·Enter the amount of credits you wish to withdraw or redeposit. (C) (Image 3)  
·Accept the provision by checking the applicable box (D) (Image 3)  
·And finally click the button (E) (Image 3) to process the transaction.  
·If all goes well, your account balances will be updated onscreen. (A) (Image 3)  
·To begin redeeming your credits for new song selections, refer to Redeeming KJ Media Pro Credits for New Song Selections  

Reviewing Past Transactions
CompuHost keeps a record of most KJ Media Pro HD transactions, including Queries, Withdrawals, Redeposits, Unlocked Selections etc.

To review your past transactions...
·Click "Review Past Transactions" (D)(Image1)  
·The following dialog will appear...  

(Image 5)

·Past transactions are provided onscreen (A) (Image 5)  
·Further transactions details are provided by selecting each transaction (B) (Image 5)