Getting Started
Selecting The Hardware Support Mode
CompuHost Setup
Importing CD+G Tracks from CD+G Discs
Indexing/Cataloging Existing Karaoke Content Files
Correcting Karaoke File Indexing/Cataloging Errors
Using the Index/catalog File Naming Template Selection Wizard
Creating Custom File Templates
Exporting the Songlist
Using CompuHost
Adding Performers to Rotation
Adding Song Selections to Performers Queue
Launching a Karaoke Performance
Configuring User Preferences/Options
Viewing/Searching the Main SongList
Viewing/Searching the Performer's History
Understanding the AutoRotate Method
Configuring and Using InstaTunes, AudioBits and VideoBits Buttons
Configuring and Using the FillerTunes Player
Using the Advanced Media Player
Using the Karaoke Playback Silence Detection feature.
Using the AutoPlay Controller
Using the AutoRecord feature
Using the Promo-Trailer feature
Using the Collapsed Duplicates Feature
Using the FillerTunes RapidSearch Feature
Using the "External Lyrics Source" Feature
Activating and Using Full Screen (Solo) Mode
Activating the MP3Sentry Feature
Touring the Auxilliary (Performer's) Screen
Power User Features
Add Songs using Drag and Drop
Reassign Song Selections utilizing the Drag and Drop feature
Hidden Info Feature
Ongoing Song List Editing feature
Enabling "Quick-Launch"
Find All Matches
Global HotKey Support
MyKJMedia Content Delivery System
Configuring/Managing MyKJMedia
Redeeming KJ Media Pro Credits for New Song Selections
Managing the optional Karaoke Cloud Subscription
Selection and Playback of Karaoke Cloud Subscription based selections
Using Download-On-Demand
Exporting your MyKJMedia Songlist
Precautions and Securing KJ Media Pro Credits
Optional CompuHost Addons
SongBook Designer/Printer
Remote Request System (Kiosk)
Dual Monitor Setup
Managing my Activations
End User's License