MyKJMedia Content Delivery System
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Stop wasting your hard earned money on song selections you'll never need!

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Accumulating a legal karaoke catalog is expensive, time-consuming, and distracts you from running your business, and thanks to convoluted copyright and trademark laws, it's hard to be sure that what you're playing commercially is strictly legal. Through our strategic alliance with DigitTrax Karaoke, an industry leading innovator in digital Karaoke content, we're able to offer you cost effective, convenient and on-demand access to the best hits from the world's premier karaoke studios, all fully licensed for commercial use by the major publishers, with more coming onboard all the time.

Configuring/Managing MyKJMedia
Redeeming KJ Media Pro Credits for New Selections
Managing the optional Karaoke Cloud Subscription
Selection and Playback of Karaoke Cloud Subscription based selections
Using Download-On-Demand
Exporting your MyKJMedia Songlist..
Precautions and Securing KJ Media Pro Credits

* Temporary Internet access is required for account activation, monthly subscription validation, credit withdrawals/redeposits, and downloading new releases. Internet access is NOT needed to playback subscription based content or unlock/purchase selections at your shows and/or engagements.
Unlocked KJ Media Pro selections are automatically serialized.
KJ Media Pro and are services of Karaokeware Inc.
Karaoke Cloud Pro is a registered trademark and service of DigiTrax Entertainment, LLC