Precautions and Securing KJ Media Pro Credits
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The KJ Media Pro program utilizes a "Credit System", whereby credits are pre-purchased and deposited into an Online Account. Once purchased, these "Credits" are available to be withdrawn and used to "unlock" selections as needed.

Therefore, KJ Media Pro Credits are valuable, and should be managed responsibly, employing the same security precautions normally associated with monetary instruments (cash).

Before you're able to redeem (spend) credits, you'll need to make a "withdrawal" from your Online Account (refer to this as your "Bank"), and add them to your "locally stored credits" (refer to this as your "Wallet").
Again, as with cash, credits stored locally (wallet) are subject to loss, in this case due to theft (stolen computer), file corruption due to viruses, hardware failure etc.

IMPORTANT! End user assumes full responsibility for the security of all "locally stored credits" (wallet) once withdrawn from the Online Account (bank). This includes, but is not limited to credit(s) permanently lost due to theft, hardware failure, and failure to redeposit credits before performing major computer maintenance (reformat etc.).

So how do you limit your risk?

Keep your credits in the bank (online account) until needed!
Just as cash is typically much safer stored in a bank, so are your credits. Withdraw only as many credits as you anticipate needing, keeping the balance securely stored in your Online Account. Redeposit unused credits when possible.

Secure your computer!
Take appropriate precautions to ensure your computer is not lost due to theft, burglary etc.
Don't leave it unattended.

Redeposit ALL locally stored credits (wallet) BEFORE performing major computer maintenance! (Reformat etc.)
Reformatting, or "wiping the drive" as it is commonly referred to, will also "wipe" your locally stored credits (wallet) clean, resulting in permanent loss. Therefore, be sure to redeposit ALL of your locally stored credits before performing any major computer maintenance.

Listen to your computer!
It's a proven fact that most catastrophic/unrecoverable computer failures could have been avoided simply by recognizing symptoms,
Therefore, if you start experiencing erratic system behavior, excessive noise etc., GET IT CHECKED OUT!