Redeeming KJ Media Pro Credits for New Song Selections
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Once your KJ Media Pro account is activated and you have withdrawn sufficient "credits" from your account, you're ready to start "redeeming" your credits for new song selections!

CompuHost provides for several different methods of adding requested song selections to a Performer's Queue, depending entirely on user preference. (See "Adding Song Selections to Performers Queue" and "Add Songs using Drag and Drop")

The KJ Media Pro system is seamlessly integrated with whatever method you prefer, so the process is simple...

·All of your previously downloaded KJ Media Pro selections (See Configuring/Managing MyKJMedia.. ) will be combined with your existing song selections within the "Song Search" dialog. To differentiate KJ Media Pro selections, simply look for the lock icon kjmlock2.png.  
·Search for and add selections as usual, using your preferred method.  
·When adding a KJ Media Pro selection. the following dialog will appear...  

(Image 1)

·Here you're provided with the "Credits Needed" to unlock the selection, along with how many "Local Credits" are available for use.  
·Be sure to review the selection (Title and Artist) to ensure it's the selection you wish to purchase (REMINDER: All unlock/purchase transactions are FINAL, no refunds are offered for incorrect selections)  
·If you wish to purchase the selection by redeeming the applicable number of credits, click "Unlock Selection" (B) (Image 1), otherwise click "No Thanks" (C) (Image 1).  
·THAT'S IT! Your new selection will be unlocked, personalized with your KJ Media Pro Registration ID (See Image 2 below), placed in your designated storage folder, and cataloged within CompuHost for future use.  
·Finally, the song selection will be added to the Performer's Queue, available for immediate launch!  

(Image 2)