Using the "External Lyrics Source" Feature
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The External Lyrics Source feature has been included to allow the use of a CD+G Disc Player in conjunction with CompuHost. This allows for the video lyrics display from any external source to be routed through CompuHost and displayed onscreen while at the same time, continuing to display the "Scrolling Rotation" (VRS) on the Performer's (Auxiliary) Screen.

To utilize this feature, a WDM compatible Video Capture Device must be available/installed in the Computer.

(Figure 7 - External Lyrics Wiring Diagram)

1. Be sure that you have the External Video routed as in the above illustration.
2. Click the "Lyrics Video Source" button
·If the "Lyrics Video Source" button is disabled, the Video Capture Device is unavailable. Please recheck the installation of the Video Capture Device and be sure it is WDM Compatible.  
·The Button label will change to "External", indicating that the Lyrics Video source is coming from the external device.  
3. Clicking the button again will restore the Lyrics Video Source to the Internal (Computer's Library) source.