Using the Promo-Trailer feature
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The Promo-Trailer feature allows for custom promotional messages to be appended to the normal Scrolling Rotation (VRS) displayed on the Auxiliary Screen.

To access the Promo-Trailer click "Promo-Trailer" (F) (Figure - Main Screen)

The following dialog will be displayed...

1. Enter individual "cycling" messages by placing each "cycling" message on a separate line in box (B). (NOTE: "Cycling Messages" cycle/rotate with each pass of the Onscreen Scroller (VRS).
2. You may utilize "Color/Formatting Tags" within your messages to further enhance the message. (See onscreen notes (A) for an explanation of "Color/Formatting Tags".)
3. After creating your Promo-Trailer(s), you may save them for later recall by clicking "Save Promo-Trailer" (C).
4. You may reload a saved Promo-Trailer by utilizing the drop-down list (D).
5. Delete a saved Promo-Trailer by first selecting it (D) and clicking (E).