Activating the MP3Sentry Feature
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The MP3Sentry allows for on-the-fly scanning and detection of corrupt or damaged MP3 audio files. Such files may cause undesirable audio/playback quality and system instabilities.

MP3Sentry for Karaoke Audio Files (MP3+G Only)

To activate/inactivate MP3Sentry for Karaoke Performances press CTRL-M.

When MP3Sentry detects a bad MP3 Audio file, the following screen will be displayed…


You may choose from the following…
·Cancel Playback - This will cancel playback of the offending file and return to the Host's Screen to allow for another selection.  
·Continue Playback Anyway - This will continue playback. Be aware that unexpected/undesirable playback may occur during the performance.  
·Turn Off MP3Sentry - Activating the option will prevent the scanning of MP3 files to continue.  

MP3Sentry for FillerTunes Audio Files (MP3 Only)

You may also utilize MP3Sentry to scan and protect your FillerTunes selections by activating the MP3Sentry option in the FillerTunes Options Window.
When activated for FillerTunes selections, a corrupt and/or damaged MP3 Audio file will be skipped during playback of the active playlist.