Computerized Karaoke Hosting Solution V2
Set your show apart from the rest with this Next Generation Computerized Karaoke Hosting Solution!




Purchase/register your CompuHost V2 Upgrade Today!

STEP 1: Please enter the License ID and Confirmation Code provided by CompuHost V2 (Main Menu->Help->Activate Software Upgrade) below and click "Validate License".
Where do I find the License ID and Confirmation Code?
License ID:


Confirmation Code:


I understand that CompuHost V2 Karaoke Hosting Solution is delivered digitally (downloaded) and thus impossible to return. Therefore, I further understand and acknowledge that Karaokeware Inc. is unable to offer refunds and all sales of this product are final. I further acknowledge that I have taken full advantage of the FREE Evaluation Version, confirming computer/system compatibility and my overall satisfaction with the product prior to purchase.


Software Upgrade Instructions

To qualify for discounted upgrade pricing, you must already have a valid CompuHost V1 Software License (previously purchased) fully activated per the Activation Instructions provided following your original CompuHost V1 purchase.

 (NOTE: GEN-I (Dongle) users must simply have the dongle plugged in and available when launching CompuHost V2. )

Click here for a FAQ regarding the software upgrade process.

  • Download and install CompuHost V2 utilizing the applicable (GEN-I or GEN-II) download link below.


  • Install the upgrade onto a computer that already has a valid and activated CompuHost V1 license. (Gen-I Dongle users must have the dongle plugged in and available.)

  • Be sure to select the correct download link below in accordance with the Software Licensing Model utilized with your current CompuHost V1 installation!

  • It is recommended that you install CompuHost V2 into your existing CompuHost V1 program folder (default: \Program Files\CompuHost or \Program Files (x86)\CompuHost) thus preserving your existing data (SongList, History, FunFacts etc.). Don't worry, we've provided a very simple "restoration" process allowing you to revert back to your original CompuHost V1 installation if you should elect not to opt for the upgrade. Click here for restore instructions.

Download Links:

GEN-I (License Key (Dongle)) Users Click Here


GEN-II (License ID and Password) Users Click Here

When you're ready to purchase the upgrade...

  • Select "Help->Activate Software Upgrade" from CompuHost V2's Main Menu.
    (I don't find the "Software Upgrade" option when selecting the Help menu?)

  • Note the License ID and Confirmation Code provided within the "Software Upgrade" dialog.

  • Return here and complete your purchase. (See above)

  • Upon the completion of your order, you'll be provided with an "Activation Code" and very simple activation instructions to get you up and running with CompuHost V2 immediately!






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SongBook Creator


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