Configuring and Using InstaTunes, AudioBits and VideoBits Buttons
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Some of CompuHost's most innovative features are the user configurable InstaTunes, AudioBits, and VideoBits Buttons.

InstaTunes Buttons

InstaTunes Buttons can be configured to load and instantly start playback of any Karaoke selection in your SongList. Once playback commences, you may utilize all of the buttons and controls you normally use during a regular Karaoke Performance.
Example: Configure an InstaTune Button named "Birthday" to instantly load and playback one of your "Happy Birthday" selections.

AudioBit's Buttons.
Click once to activate, again to deactivate.

AudioBits Buttons can be configured to instantly load and playback any MP3/M4A/WAV/MP4 (Audio) file. The resulting audio plays "ON-TOP-OF" the existing Karaoke Audio. Great for Applause/Cheers soundbits!

NEW FEATURE! CompuHost now provides "Button Sets" that expand the available AudioBits and VideoBits buttons to 45 each! (See "Button Sets" below.)

VideoBit's Buttons
Click once to activate, again to deactivate.

VideoBits Buttons can be configured as follows…
·   Display any GIF, JPG, or BMP Image Onscreen. Animated and Transparent Images are fully supported. Click once to activate, again to deactivate.  
·   Display an Automated Slide Show of Selected Images.  
·   Launch a Full Motion Video (MPEG, WMV, AVI and MP4 Formats Supported) (Requires Proper CODECS Installed On System)  


1. To configure the InstaTunes, AudioBits, or VideoBits Buttons, select the appropriate Tab (A) and select "Configure" (B)
2. Click the Button you wish to configure
3. A dialog will popup, fill in the required fields and click OK
4. After you have configured the desired button(s), Select "Use" to start utilizing the new button(s).
5. You may change the configuration of any button by first selecting "Configure" (B) and clicking the Button you wish to reconfigure.

AudioBits and VideoBits Button Sets


You have 3 (THREE) button sets, each consisting of 15 configurable buttons for a total of 45 AudioBits and 45 VideoBits buttons!

1. Simply select the desired "Button Set" to configure and use the additional buttons.