Creating Custom File Templates
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CompuHost V3 not only provides a number of predefined Filename Templates, it also allows you to create/define your own template(s) when needed, matching the Karaoke content (song) files you wish to index/catalog.

When wishing to create custom filename template(s), we highly recommend utilizing the File Naming Selection Template Wizard, since the wizard will take care of the formatting for you.

However, if you wish to manually create your template...

·Select "Custom" from the drop-down template selections.  
·Utilizing the legend below, enter the template that corresponds to the filenaming convention of your particular song files into the Template field.  

IMPORTANT! When creating your template, please be reminded that ALL characters, including SPACE characters are vitally important to a computer.

File Naming Template Legend

D = Manufactures Disc ID  
N= Original Track Number  
T = Song Title  
A = Artist Name  
\ = Folder Designator (See "Using Folder Names" below.)  

As an example, if creating a custom template for the following filename...

"SC8101-01 - Sinatra, Frank - My Way

the correct custom template would be...

"D-N - A - T

Other examples...

Filename: "Sinatra, Frank - My Way
Template: "A - T

Filename: "My Way - Sinatra, Frank
Template: "T - A

Filename: "Sinatra, Frank - My Way (SC8101-01)
Template: "A - T (D-N)

Filename: "My Way - Sinatra, Frank (SC8101-01)
Template: "T - A (D-N)

Filename: "SC8101 - Sinatra, Frank - My Way
Template: "D - A - T


You may also designate Folder names as part of your custom template by simply using the standard folder designator "\".

As an example, let's say your files are divided into subfolders, with each subfolder named in accordance with the Manufactures Disc ID, such as...

Filename: "C:\Karaoke Songs\SC8101\Sinatra, Frank - My Way.cdg

The correct template would simply be...

Template: "
\D\A - T" (Note the "\" characters representing the parent folder.)