Global HotKey Support
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The advantage of "Global HotKeys" is that in order to respond to the Hot-Key Command, CompuHost does NOT need to be focused or be the "Active Application". This facilitates the use of add-on Remote Controllers that allow remote activation of the defined function(s). Although this is an extremely powerful feature, caution MUST be taken while configuring your Global HotKeys.   IMPORTANT! Other running applications might respond to the same hotkey combination, therefore Global HotKey combinations should be carefully selected to avoid conflicts with other applications.    


Configuring your Global HotKeys   
1.    With a Text Editor (ie: Notepad) open the "globalkeys.ini" file found in the CompuHost Program Folder (default: \Program Files\CompuHost).   
2.    READ the Instructions and WARNINGS provided at the top of the globalkeys.ini file.   
3.    Select ONLY the Keylabels listed, AVOIDING the "Reserved Keylabels"!   
4.   Carefully adhere to the format "Function=KeyLabel" while editing the desired Function.  NO Spaces!   
5.   Save the globalkeys.ini back to the original location.   
6   Restart CompuHost in order for the changes to take effect.