Launching a Karaoke Performance
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Karaoke Performances may be instantly launched by....

1. Select the appropriate Performer from the Rotation (G) (Figure - Main Screen), this will typically be the FIRST Performer in the Rotation since CompuHost automatically cycles the Rotation.
2. After selecting the Performer, choose the desired Song Request from his/her Song Queue or Past Performance History. (I) (Figure - Main Screen)
3. Click "GO" (Figure 8)

(Figure 8 - Starting Performance)

That's It! The performance is underway.
If also configured and activated, the DJ/FillerTune will fade away and the Karaoke Selection will commence.

The following options are available during the performance...
·Key Change - You may make immediate Key Changes in 1/2 Key increments at any time using the Key Adjustment Controls (W) (Figure - Main Screen)  
·Tempo Change - You may make immediate Tempo Changes at any time using the Tempo Adjustment Controls (X) (Figure - Main Screen). DX Mode Required.  
·Volume - You may adjust the Main Audio Volume by using the Main Volume Control (Q) (Figure - Main Screen)  
·Rewind/Play/Pause/Stop - You may utilize the Karaoke Playback Control Buttons (U) (Figure - Main Screen) to instantly Rewind, Pause, Stop, and Restart the Performance without effecting the Rotation Lineup.  
·STOP - Clicking the "STOP" button (V) (Figure - Main Screen) instantly Halts the Performance and initiates the selected "AutoRotate Method" (S) (Figure - Main Screen).