Managing my Activations
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The "GEN-II Software License Management Tool" may be found in your "CompuHost Start Menu Group"  
(Start->CompuHost Computerized Karaoke Hosting Solution->GEN-II Software License Management Tool).  
Your new Karaokeware Software Product utilizes our innovative GEN-II SoftwareLicensing Model. By utilizing this licensing model, we're able to provide our valued End-Users such as yourself, a flexible, convenient method of managing your software license(s), while also protecting your hard earned investment. Please be reminded that Software Piracy diminishes your investment, allowing those with little or no investment to compete with you in the increasingly competitive market place.  
Moving your software to a new/different computer  
Please follow these steps when it comes time to move your Karaokeware Software Product to a new or different computer…  
IMPORTANT! Before selling, discarding or otherwise discontinuing use of the computer your current Karaokeware Software Product License is activated on,  
Failure to do so will result in the loss of the software license and anyone in possession of the computer will also be in possession of your valuable software license and investment.  
·First, you MUST deactivate the software license on the computer you are moving the license from! (Refer to the De-Activating License topic below.)  
·During deactivation, your license will be re-deposited back into your Online License Vault and available for reactivation on your new or different computer utilizing the exact same process as your original activation.  
·After successfully deactivating the license on the computer you wish to transfer from (see above), you are free to reactivate the license on your new computer by following the exact same process as your original activation. Please refer to the activation instructions  
provided to you following your original product registration/purchase.  
De-Activating your Software License  
·Ensure you have a valid Internet Connection.  
·Launch the GEN-II Software License Management Tool (Start-CompuHost Karaoke Hosting Solution->GEN-II Software License Management Tool)  
·Enter your License ID and Password as provided with your original Product Activation Instructions.  
·Click the "Deactivate Current License…" button.  
·If all goes well, your current Software License will be deactivated and redeposited back into your Online License Vault, ready to be reactivated on a new computer when needed.  


Accessing your Online License Vault/Control Panel  
You may login to your GEN-II Software License Control Panel by visiting…  
Simply utilize your original License ID and Password to login.