Using the Advanced Disc Player
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CompuHost V3 offers the industry's most advanced built-in Disc Player.

The Disc Player supports multiple formats, including...
·Standard Audio CD (CD)  
·Karaoke CD (CD+G)  
·Karaoke SuperCDG (SCDG)  
·Karaoke VCD (VCD)  

·To begin using the Disc Player simply click the "Disc Player" button found on the "Toolbar" of the Main Screen.  


To playback "Disc-based" media (CD, CD+G, SCDG, VCD)...

1. Insert the Media Disc into the CDROM/DVD Drive.
2. Select the correct CDROM/DVD Drive from the drop-down selections (B)
3. Click "Refresh Tracklist" (D)
4. Optionally you may query the online CDDB server for available track listings (C) (CD/CD+G Only)
5. Select the desired track from the available tracks (F)
6. Click "START/PLAY" (G) to launch playback.
7. You may Minimize (H) the Disc Player at this point and utilize the standard Karaoke playback buttons (MAIN STOP, REWIND, PAUSE, MPX, Key Change etc.) just as you would during a regular Karaoke playback.