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Latest CompuHost V3 Revision Update Instructions
v.3.66.32 HYBRID

GEN-I (License Key (Dongle) Required)


WARNING! This process may take some time, therefore it is NOT recommended that you undertake the update process without first allotting sufficient time!
  1. Ensure CompuHost V3 is NOT running.
  2. Download this latest update installer by CLICKING HERE.
  3. Depending on your browser, you may be given both the opportunity to "RUN" or "SAVE" the file. In this case, select "RUN". If no "RUN" selection is offered, save the file and take note of the saved location.
  4. After successfully downloading the file, launch the installer and follow the onscreen steps provided to complete the update installation.

That's It! Enjoy this latest revision and thank you for being a valued part of the Karaokeware family!

What's New?

v.3.66.32 Released August 4, 2020

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Significant changes have been adopted within this revision to better support more advanced computers incorporating "Dual Graphics" technology, gaining popularity within "Gaming Computers".
2. As you may already be aware, the third party FreeDB Online CD Metadata Database (Track listings etc.), previously relied upon for decades by most CD/CD+G Ripping utilities such as our own CDGRip (preinstalled with CompuHost) was recently discontinued by its current owner, unfortunately leaving end users without a convenient means of auto naming (Song Title, Artist Name etc.) selections while ripping existing CD+G Karaoke discs. To assist our valued users, we quickly jumped into action, developing an alternative, similar to the now defunct FreeDB, to be known as the KCDDB. The updated CDGRip utility (v.3.00), incorporating the exciting new KCDDB is included within this revision.

v.3.66.29 Released June 17, 2020

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Affecting certain computer configurations only, most notably computers incorporating Intel HD or UHD video devices, longer term operation (2+ hours) may result in erratic software reliability and stability issues -RESOLVED-.

v.3.66.28 Released February 5, 2020

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Auxiliary (Performer) Dialog: Custom screen fonts sizes were not getting reset when loading custom configurations. - FIXED -
2. When configuring and launching full motion videos from a VideoBit, the video may not be resizing full-screen on some system configurations - FIXED -
3. This revision advances our efforts to overcome possible instability issues related to a recent Windows update that has been widely publicized as negatively impacting overall system performance and stability on some systems receiving the update. Our initial feedback seems to indicate the users most effected are utilizing computers with an Intel HD/UHD Graphics devices. We have been actively working to resolve, or at least institute possible work-arounds for our valued users, however while our efforts have reportedly resolved the instability issue(s) for some, they unfortunately may have failed to resolve, or in some reported cases, may have worsened the issue(s) for others. Through the valued feedback and assistance of numerous users (thank you to all!), we have further refined the changes needed to overcome possible ill-effects of the recent Windows update and instituted additional work-arounds for those remaining.

v.3.66.25 Released January 21, 2020

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. This revision continues our efforts to resolve an issue introduced by a recent Microsoft Windows update whereby the Oncreen Scolling Rotation (OSR) fails to properly initialize at times, resulting in garbled text. This issue seems to be isolated to a small number of valued users and does NOT effect any of our many in-house test systems, thereby rendering it extremely difficult to isolate and confirm resolution. If you are encountering the issue, please update to this revision and please let us know if it resolves your issue. - THANK YOU!

v.3.66.24 Released January 14, 2020

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. Users opting to hide the onscreen scrolling rotation display during ongoing Karaoke performances may have been experiencing erratic background scroller "bleed through" during performances. -RESOLVED-

v.3.66.23 Released January 13, 2020

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. Unfortunately it appears some pre-release testing/debug code errantly remained active in our previous maintenance release (v.3.66.22), resulting in some of our valued Songbooks Online users encountering an empty popup notification upon the end of each Karaoke performance. This issue has been resolved in this interim revision (v.3.66.23). We sincerely apologize to all users that may have been effected.

v.3.66.22 Released January 5, 2020

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. A recent Microsoft Windows update includes changes that may adversely effect the initialization of advanced embedded controls such as CompuHost's embedded scroller (onscreen scrolling rotation) resulting in the occasional errant/unexpected initialization of the control (font, size, color etc.). To hopefully overcome this, we have instituted two workarounds...

A: We've implemented a short delay between launching CompuHost and the initialization of the embedded control, reported to overcome the issue on most errant systems.

B: For systems that may exhibit the issue even after implementing the delay (see item A above), we've also added a new main menu item (Window->Reset Onscreen Rotation Scroller) that may be used to conveniently reinitialize the control when needed, without requiring a full relaunch of CompuHost.

v.3.66.10 Released September 12, 2019

Changes/Feature Additions

1. Added new and powerful search options to the Song Search dialog, allowing our valued users to conveniently and reliably "drill-down" searches when desired...

After entering the Search Text, pressing...

  • ENTER:(CONTAINS) As before, all song listings CONTAINING the search words (in any order) will be provided.

  • SHIFT-ENTER(EXACT MATCH) NEW! Results in song listings whereby the Song Title and/or Artist Name matches the Search Text EXACTLY! Example: If searching for the selection "My Way", entering the search text "my way" and pressing SHIFT-ENTER will result in only selections with the exact Song Title "My Way".

  • CTRL-ENTER(BEGINS WITH) NEW! Results in song listings whereby the Song Title and/or Artist Name BEGINS WITH the search text.

2. Added a new GUIDED MODE to the Song File Indexing/Cataloging dialog, hopefully assisting newer users while indexing their song files. More experienced users may revert back to the previous UNGUIDED MODE by simply clicking the new link found at the very top of the dialog.

v.3.66.00 Released September 9, 2019

Changes/Feature Additions

1. THEMES ARE BACK! That's right, back by popular demand. Enhance your hosting experience by changing and customizing the look and feel of CompuHost V3! Simply select from a number of exciting themes using the new Drop-Down selector just below the "Light/Dark" selector (Upper right of Main Hosting dialog).

2. Popular Request: Tired of having to reselect your most often used TAB (EQ,InstaTunes,AudioBits,VideoBits)? Well no more! Your last TAB selection is now preserved and recalled upon future launches.

3. COMPUHOST V3 EXCLUSIVE! We've added yet another new and exciting CompuHost V3 exclusive, known as "Smart Compound Templates" technology, that is sure to become an industry game changer! Have a bunch of song files with varying file-naming formats? Now you can select one of the two new Smart Compound Templates ("Industry Standards 1" and "Industry Standards 2") and have CompuHost V3 match your files to the closest of the most common, industry standard templates, ...automagically! Simply select the corresponding Smart Compound Template (first two drop-down selections) that matches the Artist - Song Title sequence of your files and let CompuHost V3 go to work for you!

And for the more advanced users: You may also create your own, custom Smart Compound Templates by referencing the following Karaoke Knowledgebase Article.

Cataloging/Indexing files with differing file-naming formats utilizing CompuHost V3's new advanced "Compound Templates" feature!

v.3.65.53 Released August 19, 2019

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. Depending on how the Song Search dialog was initially opened prior to "pinning" it to the Main Host dialog, the "double-click to add to Song Request Queue" functionality may be unavailable.

Changes/Feature Additions

1. Added support for the "double-click to add to Song Request Queue" functionality when opening the Song Search dialog using the "Song Search & Drag" Taskbar button.
2. Minor cosmetic changes.

v.3.65.52 Released June 17, 2019

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. When utilizing the "Song Search & Drag" dialog, intended for drag and drop operations only, if unintentionally pressing the keyboard RETURN/ENTER key, the dialog may close and both the "Song Search & Drag" and "Add Song Request" buttons may remain disabled and unavailable. - RESOLVED -

v.3.65.51 Released May 23, 2019

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. When cataloging/indexing song files with multiple encoding formats selected, some files may fail to successfully catlog/index. - RESOLVED -

v.3.65.50 Released May 6, 2019

Changes/Feature Additions

1. Added new "Instant Edit" capabilities to the Song Search Dialog! Great for conveniently correcting cataloging errors such as reversed Song Titles and Artist Names as a result of a mismatched filename and import template during cataloging. Simply highlight the applicable selection, RIGHT-CLICK your mouse and select "Instant Edits".

2. The Song Search algorithm has been enhanced to include searching of non-listed components, such as the full and original filename. This ensures reliable search results in cases whereby the Song Title and/or Artist Name may be truncated due to field size limitations.

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. Songbooks Online Subscribers Only: Even when the "Next Up" performer had already been flagged as Inactive, they could possibly still receive a "NEXT UP" notification. - RESOLVED -

v.3.65.20 Released March 22, 2019

Changes/Feature Additions

1. USER REQUEST: Added option to stretch all videos fullscreen within DJ/FillerTunes Player regardless of native aspect ratio. May distort some 4:3 videos. (DJ/FillerTunes Console->Configure->Fullscreen Video Playback)

2. USER REQUEST: Added support for BIN formatted Karaoke song files.

v.3.65.16 Released March 4, 2019

Changes/Feature Additions

1. USER REQUEST: Although most standard Karaoke MPX selections incorporate lead vocals on the RIGHT channel and instrumentals on the LEFT channel, we have received reports that some providers are deviating from the standard and reversing the channels (WHY?). Anyway, to facilitate these selections we have added a means to select the applicable channel during playback (L/R buttons above MPX button).

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. We have identified that on certain system configurations if the user has the Song Search dialog PINNED and minimizes CompuHost to the taskbar, it may not be possible to restore the application back to the desktop - RESOLVED

v.3.65.15 Released February 19, 2019

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Remote Request Submission Addon (KIOSK) Users only. When the "Allow Performers to Request Placement in Rotation" option is activated, and a Performer submits their name without attaching a song request, a lockup could occur at times. - RESOLVED -

v.3.65.14 Released February 11, 2019

Changes/Feature Additions

1. USER REQUEST: Added new DJ/FillerTunes Setup Option to customize the DJ/FillerTunes fade-out speed/duration at the start of a Karaoke performance (DJ/FillerTunes->Configure).

v.3.65.13 Released January 22, 2019

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. If halting an ongoing disc based selection within the Media Disc Player by first clicking the small square "STOP" button below the Host Lyrics display prior to clicking the main performance STOP button, the Disc Media Player may become unresponsive. - RESOLVED -

v.3.65.12 Released December 6, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. If inadvertently double-clicking the DELETE PERFORMER button, unexpected behavior and possible system crashes may result. - RESOLVED -

v.3.65.11 Released November 28, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. An unintentional code regression was discovered in one of the latest revisions (v.3.65.00) that may cause the GEN-I License Key (Dongle) not to be properly identified on startup. - RESOLVED -

v.3.65.10 Released November 20, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions

1. Added support for the new Sound Choice PRO for licensed GEM/Help+ license holders.

v.3.65.00 Released November 15, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions

1. Sound Choice PRO: Added support for the exciting new Sound Choice PRO HD (High Definition Video) format. Sound Choice is back in business producing the industry's highest quality song selections, all in HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO! To have access to the exciting new Sound Choice PRO HD selections you'll need to first update your CompuHost V3 installation to v.3.65.00 or later. (Sound Choice PRO Subscription required)

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. CDGRip: The visual progress bars may not be visible on some system configurations. - RESOLVED -

v.3.60.02 Released October 25, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Added a new advanced song search technique to existing techniques...
- Preceding the Search Text with a "less-than" character (<) such as "< My Way" will result in only selections whereby either the Song Title or Artist Name begins with "My Way".
- Enclosing the Search Text within DOUBLE quotes ("), such as "My Way" will result in only selections whereby the words "My Way" are found in EXACT order.
- NEW! - Enclosing the Search Text within SINGLE quotes ('), such as 'My Way' will result in only selections whereby the Song Title or Artist Name matches the Search Text EXACTLY.

v.3.60.01 Released October 08, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. SOUND CHOICE PRO: Under certain circumstances, Sound Choice PRO song selections were not properly recorded/saved to the Performer's History as expected. - RESOLVED -

v.3.60.00 Released August 29, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. MyKJMedia - Added support for the exciting new Sound Choice PRO subscription service!

v.3.56.55 Released August 7, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. While manually adding errantly formatted song files after an indexing/cataloging process, track numbers were restricted to two characters. - RESOLVED -

v.3.56.54 Released July 27, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes

1. When utilizing the "Deactivate Performer w/No Requests Remaining in Queue" option in conjunction with the "Rotate" AutoRotate Method, playback of a Disc Based (CD) or non-cataloged Media File (Flashdrive etc.) request may not auto-process (Deactivate performer, remove from queue) as expected. - RESOLVED-

v.3.56.53 Released July 23, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Depending on the system configuration, the CD+G player may not reset properly upon the end of the performance, resulting in a greyed out and inoperable CD+G Start button - RESOLVED

v.3.56.52 Released May 11, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Some audio/video device drivers have been found to release the buffers of a loaded video file prior to CompuHost V3, resulting in possible non-destructive error messages upon the conclusion of video playback - RESOLVED -

v.3.56.51 Released May 2, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Previously removed Auto-Fade (if activated) during Disc Media playback (CD+G, VCD, SCDG) restored.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Queue positions not saved when saving Request Queue Playlist (Request Queue->RIGHT-CLICK->Save Playlist) - RESOLVED -

v.3.56.50 Released April 27, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Includes updated CDGRip CD+G to Audio+G Ripper (v.2.90)
- Improved Error Correction

v.3.56.41 Released April 13, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. The "Move to Top" Song Request Queue list re-positioning button may be inoperative at times. - RESOLVED -
2. It was possible that while re-positioning selections within the Song Request Queue, the Song Request Edit dialog may inadvertently open, or an unexpected performance may launch depending on the "Quick-Launch" option selection. - RESOLVED -

v.3.56.40 Released March 19, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Songbooks Online: Added the ability to suspend incoming song requests while keeping Songbooks Online active, allowing app users to search/browse your song selections, view the rotation and receive Shout-Outs although incoming requests are blocked.

To toggle incoming requests, simply utilize the new "ACCEPTING REQUESTS/BLOCKING REQUESTS" button located toward the upper-right of the Incoming Requests list.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. After editing/changing a KEY or TEMPO within the Song Request Edit dialog, it's possible that future song requests may errantly inherit the key/tempo change. -RESOLVED-

v.3.56.30 Released February 23, 2018

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Microsoft recently released Windows security updates that have been reported to cause stability issues within applications utilizing the embedded ADOBE FLASH component, such as utilized within CompuHost V3's embedded "Instructional Videos" feature. To resolve the issue, the embedded FLASH component has been removed in favor of utilizing the default Internet Browser as configured.

v.3.56.20 Released February 9, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Optimized search method for users searching by Song Number. Simply enter the Song Number into the Search Box and press ENTER.
2. Added a new RIGHT-CLICK menu selection to the Song Search dialog...
"Display All Listings Matching Last Played Selection"
This new feature may be useful when an onstage performer dislikes an ongoing version/brand of a selection and wishes to try another.

v.3.56.10 Released February 2, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Added ability to re-sort Song Search results by Song Title or Artist Name.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. In some cases, when the "Add All Song Requests to Performer's History at time of Request" option is activated, new song requests may be added to the incorrect performer's history. -RESOLVED-

v.3.56.00 Released January 30, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Added active configuration to Application Title Bar.
2. Added active DJ/FillerTunes Playlist Filename to DJ/Fillertunes Playlist Header.
3. "Stopguard (Require Double Click)" and "Auto-Fade on Stop" now applies to Solo Mode also.
4. Optional "Auto-Fade Audio on STOP" setting now preserved between sessions.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. At times, after performing a File Indexing/Cataloging operation, a BIND error may be encountered, forcing an application shutdown, -RESOLVED-
2. On more advanced computer systems, specifically systems utilizing multiple Graphics Processing Units (GPU), the "Auxiliary Window Auto-Positioning" process may fail to accurately locate the Extended Screen. -RESOLVED-
3. On certain system configurations, mostly advanced multi-GPU systems with the "Extended Screen" positioned to a non-default location (Left, Top etc.), it was possible that the onscreen lyrics would fail to display at times. -RESOLVED-
4. While playing a Karaoke Video selection through to the end, the auxiliary (performer's) display may fail to return to the default backdrop display. -RESOLVED-

v.3.55.02 Released January 8, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. A vastly improved and optimized CDG Lyrics Display Engine was recently introduced (v.3.55.01). Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that some suspected, possibly non-standard inline video splitters and/or converters (between the computer and the external display devices (TV etc.)) may be inhibiting CompuHost's ability to derive the needed external display attributes required by the new CDG Lyrics Display Engine. Although this has so far proven extremely rare (1 out of over 300 users to date), it remains important to us to offer a solution to the effected user(s). If you are experiencing display issues after updating to the latest CompuHost V3 Revision (v.3.55.00 or later), please follow these steps to disable the new CDG Lyrics Display optimizations and hopefully resolve your display issue...
WARNING! The overall display quality of the Onscreen Lyrics Display will be negatively affected after disabling the new CDG Lyrics Display Optimizations, therefore perform the following steps ONLY if absolutely needed!

  1. Download and install the latest CompuHost V3 Revision (v.3.55.02 or later).

  2. Launch CompuHost V3 and select "Help->System Information" from the Top Main Menu.

  3. Click the "Advanced" button found on the lower left of the dialog.

  4. Your default system editor (notepad) should open with the "system2.ini" file preloaded.

  5. Locate the line that reads "DisableCDGDXMode=0" and change its value to "1" (DisableCDGDXMode=1)

  6. Save the file and close the editor.

  7. IMPORTANT! Shutdown and restart CompuHost V3 so the new setting can take effect

v.3.55.01 Released January 3, 2018

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Optimized CDG Lyrics Engine: Takes better advantage of the capabilities available with higher end graphic devices, resulting in improved graphics quality.
2. Added a Karaoke Playback Tracker Bar below Host's Lyrics Display: Allows for instantly changing the ongoing Karaoke playback position.
3. The auxiliary "Song Request/Past Performances" display now works even during DJ/FillerTunes Video playback.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. DJ/FillerTunes Console: If the user stopped playback of an ongoing video prior to deactivating "AutoPlay", the screen could remain black and fail to display subsequent Karaoke Lyrics onscreen. -RESOLVED-

v.3.50.55 Released December 4, 2017

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Instituted a workaround to hopefully address inaccurate video scaling/resizing issues apparent when utilizing certain errant video devices and/or device drivers.
2. When uploading the CompuHost Songlist to the Songbooks Online servers, the preconfigured "Brand Preferences" could be ignored under certain circumstances. - RESOLVED -

v.3.50.53 Released November 13, 2017

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Added support for switching to a columnar list format (Compressed List View) within the Song Search dialog. You may now switch between the new "Expanded" and previous "Collapsed" list views within the "Singer Rotation", "Song Request Queue". "Performer History" and "Song Search" by RIGHT-CLICKING within the applicable list and selecting "Switch to ..." from the drop-down selections.
2. Prior to this revision, while performing a song search and reselecting (clicking within) the Search Text box after obtaining results from a previous search, the previous search text was cleared. The previous Search Text is now retained while NOT utilizing SAYT (Search As You Type) ONLY. While utilizing SAYT, the search text continues to be cleared for technical reasons.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. If adding or editing a Performer at the precise time that an ongoing performance is ending and the Performer List is rotating, it was possible that the Performer Name within the Add/Edit dialog may change to an existing performer name. -RESOLVED-

v.3.50.51 Released October 05, 2017

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Updated license manager to ensure continued compatibility with the latest Windows 10 Security Patch.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Some users have reported that the Request Queue and History lists are erratically collapsing to occupy only a portion of the intended screen area at times. Although we've been unable to recreate the issue, we have instituted changes to hopefully circumvent the issue.

v.3.50.50 Released October 03, 2017

Changes/Feature Additions
1. By popular demand, we have re-instituted RIGHT-BORDER markers within the Performer's Rotation, Song Requests and Past Performer History Queues. Applicable to the COLLAPSED LIST VIEW only. (RIGHT-CLICK and select Collapsed View within the desired list). The new EXPANDED LIST VIEW utilizes staggered columns and therefore not compatible with border markers.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. While utilizing the Search Dialog in the new PINNED mode, users may be unable to configure Insta-Tunes buttons at times -RESOLVED-
2. While utilizing the Search Dialog in the new PINNED mode and with the "Add All Song Requests to Performer's History at time of Request" option activated and adding selections to Performer Queues by utilizing the DOUBLE-CLICKING method, the selection may be applied to an incorrect Performer's History. -RESOLVED-

v.3.50.40 Released September 29, 2017

Changes/Feature Additions
1. Added ability to sort and search Performer History by Date, Title and Artist (Click List Header Labels).

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. For users utilizing non-default Windows Screen DPI settings (NOT RECOMMENDED!), the pinned Song Search dialog may not size and position correctly. -RESOLVED-
2. REGRESSION: Song Indexer was not defaulting to "Update Only" while indexing new selections into an existing catalog. -RESOLVED-
3. Switching between Expanded and Compressed list formats within the Performer History may not completely fill the list depending on the number of selections within the performer's history. -RESOLVED-
4. Uploading the Song Catalog to the Songbooks Online server after already opening the Song Search dialog may render subsequent song searches ineffective until the Songlist is refreshed. -RESOLVED-

v.3.50.30 Released September 27, 2017

1. Removed "Disable Intellifonts" option. Screens have evolved, encompassing far too many controls for use without autosizing fonts (Intellifonts).
2. A recent Windows 10 security update may interfere with the built-in K-Lite CODEC auto-installer. For users requiring updated CODECS for playback of some formats (MP4), the automated K-Lite CODEC Pack installer may now be scheduled for the next normal application launch.

v.3.50.20 Released September 26, 2017

Feature additions:
1. Ability to "PIN" the Song Search Dialog to the Main Host Dialog.
2. Added new "Expanded List" formats facilitating larger Drag and Drop target zones. May be activated/deactivated by utilizing the RIGHT-CLICK menus within each list.
3. Additional optimizations to the SAYT (Search As You Type) feature, facilitating larger Songbases. WARNING: Depending on the performance capabilities of the computer, larger songbases may negatively impact overall performance.
4. Simplified Song Search dialog layout.

v.3.45.03 Released August 29, 2017

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Recent Windows 10 Maintenance Update may cause issues while utilizing the built-in K-LITE CODEC PACK Installer. - RESOLVED
2. If attempting to launch the "AutoPlay" mode within the DJ/FillerTunes Console while less than two selections have been loaded will display a reminder. Subsequent attempts to launch AutoPlay after encountering the reminder may fail. -RESOLVED

v.3.45.02 Released August 14, 2017

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. When the "Add New Performers to END of Performer List" Auto-Processing option is selected (Add Performer->Set Auto-Processing (Button to Right of Rotation)), manually changing the intended rotation position may result in duplicate position numbers within rotation.
2. When utilizing the LARGEST font selection within the "Performer Rotation" list, 2+ digit rotation position numbers were truncated.

v.3.45.01 Released August 9, 2017

Feature additions:
1. A new popup balloon reminder has been added, reminding users to perform a clean shutdown on systems whereby the last clean shutdown was performed 20 days (or more) in the past. Please reference the topic below regarding the Windows 10 Fast Start boot option and how it may cause system wide slowdowns and/or instabilities.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. For systems with extended durations between full/clean reboots (+24 days), computer resources may be exhausted below acceptable thresholds and may cause erratic/unstable operation, including the inability to display onscreen lyrics. - RESOLVED

IMPORTANT! Windows 10, 8.0 and 8.1 Fast Start boot option may cause system slowdowns and instabilities!
Please be aware that shutting down Windows 10, 8.0 and 8.1, while the default "Fast Start" boot option is activated, does NOT actually perform a "clean" shutdown. Instead the computer is only placed in a quasi-sleep mode. This may significantly degrade overall system performance and stability over time. Therefore, you are strongly advised to "force" a clean shutdown at regular intervals by simply holding the SHIFT key down while clicking the Shutdown selection (Windows Start->Power->Shutdown).

CLICK HERE for instructions on disabling the Fast Start boot option.

2. Post performance processing (Autodeactivate) may produce unexpected results at times (incorrect singer selection etc.) - RESOLVED

v.3.43.03 Released June 17, 2017

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Under very specific scenarios, Editing an existing song request selection within the Song Request Queue may result in an application lockup. - RESOLVED
2. Clicking the GO button while a performer with NO requests in queue is selected may result in the launching of a selection found in another performers request queue. - RESOLVED

v.3.43.02 Released June 7, 2017

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Depending on the "Add New Performer Positioning" setting, new performers may be added into an incorrect and/or undesired position within the rotation. - RESOLVED
2. Manually dragging Songbooks Online requests into rotation may cause an irregular rotation sequence. - RESOLVED

v.3.43.00 Released June 5, 2017

Feature additions:
1. Added new option to auto-deactivate performers following their performance regardless of further song requests in their queue. May be useful when winding down your show and wishing to keep performers in line in case you have time to get a few more in!
2. Moved drop-down menu for "post performance processing" such as the newly added feature described above to a convenient "rotation" icon positioned to the upper left of the Karaoke "Start/Stop" button.
3. Added "Check for Update" feature to simplify checking for and obtaining program updates.

Bug/Issue Fixes
1. Users may have been experiencing momentary or extended program lockups while attempting to add performers at times. - RESOLVED
2. Songbooks Online subscribers may have been experiencing momentary or extended program lockups at times, especially while utilizing slower or less reliable Internet connections. - RESOLVED.
3. Songbooks Online subscribers were unable to activate Songbooks Online during an ongoing performance without momentarily freezing the onscreen lyrics. - RESOLVED.

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