Activating and Using Full Screen (Solo) Mode
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Solo mode allows for Full-Screen Lyrics display on the Host's Main Monitor during performances.
Great for practice sessions or solo engagements.

You may activate "Solo Mode" by selecting "Options|Toggle Host's Full Screen Lyrics Display" from CompuHost's Main Menu, or by simply clicking "CTRL-F" to toggle Solo Mode ON/OFF.

While in Solo-Mode, the Full-Screen Lyrics display will automatically activate when launching a Karaoke Performance. After the performance has ended, you are returned to the regular administration screen.

Solo-Mode allows for on-the-fly adjustments through the use of the On-Screen Button Bar (found at the TOP of the Solo-Mode display)

·Pause/Stop/Restart the performance by utilizing the Playback Control Buttons (A)  
·Adjust the Volume Level (B)  
·View the Song Progress (Time Remaining) (C)  
·Stop/Close the Performance (D). This will END the performance and return to the Host's Administration Screen.  
·Adjust Key +/- (E)  
·Adjust Tempo +/- (F)