Activating the MP3Sentry Feature
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The MP3Sentry allows for on-the-fly scanning and detection of corrupt or damaged MP3 audio files. Such files may cause undesirable audio/playback quality and system instabilities.

MP3Sentry for Karaoke Audio Files (MP3+G Only)

To activate/inactivate MP3Sentry for Karaoke Performances press CTRL-M.

When MP3Sentry detects a bad MP3 Audio file, the following screen will be displayed…


You may choose from the following…
·Cancel Playback - This will cancel playback of the offending file and return to the Host's Screen to allow for another selection.  
·Continue Playback Anyway - This will continue playback. Be aware that unexpected/undesirable playback may occur during the performance.  
·Turn Off MP3Sentry - Activating the option will prevent the scanning of MP3 files to continue.  

MP3Sentry for the DJ/FillerTunes Audio Files (MP3 Only)

You may also utilize MP3Sentry to scan and protect your FillerTunes selections by activating the MP3Sentry option in the DJ/FillerTunes Console Options Window.
When activated for FillerTunes selections, a corrupt and/or damaged MP3 Audio file will be skipped during playback of the active playlist.