Touring the Auxilliary (Performer's) Screen
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(Figure 10 - Auxiliary Screen)

CompuHost's Auxiliary (Performer's) screen layout is designed to offer maximum functionality while still preserving the professional presentation your show deserves.

·Customizable Headings and Sub-Headings - Advertise your Company, the Venue, and Specials, anything you wish!  
·Performer's Name - Everyone likes to see their name in lights!  
·Time-Left Indicator - Color-Coded indicator that allows the host to browse the audience while still remaining informed as to the progress of the ongoing performance!  
The Indicator changes colors as the performance progresses…  
·Green - More than 60 seconds Remain  
·Yellow - Less than 60 Seconds Remain  
·Red - Less than 30 Seconds Remain  
·Scrolling Performer Line-Up - Allows your Performers to visually keep track of when they will be appearing! Also, you may add a customizable promotional message to the end of the line-up by utilizing the Promo-Trailer feature!