CompuHost Setup
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You may access these options at anytime by clicking "File | System Devices and Options" from the Main Menu.
(Figure 1 - CompuHost Setup)


Performers' Display Screen Settings  

1. Enter your Desired Screen Headings and Sub-Headings to be displayed on the Auxiliary (Performer's) Screen between performances. (A)  
2. Optionally select customized onscreen fonts and display colors for each field by clicking the applicable "FONT" button (B).  
3. Optionally Setup the Scrolling Performer Rotation Display by clicking "Scrolling Rotation Setup" (C).  
4. Optionally designate a Custom "Background Image" by clicking "Optional Background Image" (D).  
5. Unfortunately some video devices (Video Cards) are unable to provide the correct screen parameters used to automatically position the Auxilliary (Performer) screen. If after launching CompuHost the auxilliary screen fails to position correctly, you may "disable" Automatic Detection (H) and manually position and size the Auxilliary screen as needed.  

Display Screen Positioning  

6. (Optional) You may fine-tune the positioning of the auxiliary screen by utilizing the four Directional Buttons. (E)  

Device Setup  

7. Optionally click the "Audio Device Setup" button to select and configure your audio output device(s) (F)  
8. Optionally click the "Recording Device Setup" button to select and configure your recording options. (F) ) (Please refer to section . "Using the AutoRecord feature" for further information)  
9. Optionally click the "Change Hardware Support" button to select and configure the Operating Mode supported by your Video Device (Video Card). (F) (Please refer to section "Selecting the Hardware Support Mode" for further information.)  

System Performance Settings

10. (Optional) The Lyrics vs. Audio Timing has been optimized within CompuHost, however you may utilize the adjustable "CDG Playback Sync Timing" to customize this setting  
11. (Optional) If your Computer System provides sufficient speed and resources, you may leave all visual options activated. If however, you experience system lags, it may be necessary to turn off certain visual options. Turning off the Hosts Lyrics Display will result in the greatest performance gain. (G)  

Save Settings and Exit  

12. Click "Save and Exit"