Using the AutoRecord feature
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The AutoRecord feature provides for automated recording of Karaoke performances. The resulting Audio files are conveniently stored for later burning to CD/DVD if desired.

WARNING: It is unlawful to record copywritten material without the copyright holders' express permission. Failure to obtain said permission may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.
1.Before utilizing the AutoRecord feature, be sure to properly connect the "Tape Out" signal from the Audio Mixing Device (Mixer) to the "Line In" port of the Computer's Audio Device (Sound Card).  
2.Setup the Recording Device Options by clicking "File | System Devices and Options" from the Main Menu.  
3.Click "Recording Device Setup"  


·Select the applicable Sound Device (Sound Card) (A)  
·Select the proper Recording Input (B) (Inputs vary among Audio Input Devices, typically you should select a "Line In" , "Analog In" or similar input selection)  
·Select the desired Recording File Format (C) (MP3 is recommended)  
·Select the desired Audio Output Format from the available choices. (D) (Higher BPS and KHZ results in higher quality recordings.)  
·Select the desired Folder in which to store the resulting Recording Files. (E) (Default: "\Program Files\CompuHost\Recordings")  
-Configure the Sound Device Recording Levels utilizing the Windows Audio Control. (F)  

When activated, all performances are recorded to the folder specified in the Recording Device Setup (E).

The resulting audio file(s) will be found in the designated "Recordings Folder" (E) and will be named as follows:

   <Performer> - <Song Title> - <Artist>.(mp3/wav/wma etc.)