Using the AutoPlay Controller
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The AutoPlay Controller feature allows for unattended operation utilizing preconfigured parameters provided by the user.


1.To activate the AutoPlay Controller select "Auto" as the AutoRotation Method.  
2.From within the AutoPlay Controller window you may configure the AutoPlay options…  
A.Time (seconds) between performances  
B.Number of Songs per Performer - This allows the user to designate how many songs each Performer will perform each time on stage.  
C.Skip Performer's with NO Requests is Queue. - The AutoPlay Controller will automatically skip/bypass any Performer that has not provided a Song Request.  
D.Do NOT Display Skipped Performers in Onscreen Visual Rotation Scroller - Activating this option will remove/hide all Performers presently in rotation that do NOT have a Song Request in their Request Queue.  
E.Display Countdown On Screen - This option activates the Visual Countdown displayed on the Audience/Performer's Screen. Once activated, you may customize the display Font/Color/Shading by clicking the "Font" button.  

3Once configured, you may initiate/start AutoPlay by clicking "Start AutoPlay".