Correcting Karaoke File Indexing/Cataloging Errors
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If CompuHost was unable to successfully index/catalog all of the Karaoke Song files found in the selected "Source Folder", an "Indexing/Cataloging Errors Log" dialog will appear (see below).  

Indexing/Cataloging Errors Log

From this dialog you're given the opportunity to either manually correct and catalog the offending files, or for larger numbers of errant files, move the files to another folder location, thus segregating the errant files for correction later.  

Manually Correcting and Cataloging Errant files (Best utilized for smaller number(s) of errant files).  

1. Select the applicable errant listing from the log list (A).  
2. The errant filename will be displayed.  
3. Utilizing the errant filename, enter the Song Title, Artist, Disc ID and Track into the appropriate fields as applicable.  
REMINDER: You may be able to select the appropriate field data from the "drop-down" selections, however, depending on the special characters/delimiters utilized within the errant filename, it may not be possible for CompuHost to correctly identify the correct field data. If the full and correct field data is not provided within the drop-down selections, manually enter the field data as needed.  
4. After completing steps 1-3 as applicable, click the "Catalog File" button.  
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each errant file.  

Moving/Segregating Errant Files to another folder location. (Should be used to isolate larger numbers of errant files for editing/correction using a more robust filename editing utility.)  

1. Select the desired Destination Folder by clicking the "Select Destination Folder" button.  
2. Click "Move Files"  

PERFORMANCE HINT: For significantly faster processing, be sure to select a Destination Folder that resides on the same "Drive" as the errant files.