Indexing/Cataloging Existing Karaoke Content Files
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If you already have Karaoke Song files residing on your system that you wish to catalog and make available within CompuHost...

(Figure 3 - Import MP3+G Files)

To Index/Catalog your existing Karaoke Song Files...

1. Click "SongList | Index/Catalog Karaoke Files" from the CompuHost Main Menu.  
   The "Index/Catalog Karaoke Files" dialog will appear. (Figure 3)  
2. Select the folder containing your Karaoke Song files by clicking the "Select Source Folder" button. (A) (Figure 3)  
3. If your Song Files are organized in separate folders beneath the folder you selected in step 1, click "Include Sub-Folders" (B) (Figure 3) to instruct CompuHost to search and catalog the subfolders also.  
4. Select the File Naming Template that matches the file naming format of the Karaoke Song(s) residing in the Source Folder selected in step 1 above.(C) (Figure 3)  
   REMINDER: For help with selecting the correct template you may click "Help me choose the correct template?" to open the "File Naming Template Selection Wizard". (D) (Figure 3) (See Using the Index/Catalog File Naming Template Selection Wizard.)  
5. Select the supported Karaoke file formats you wish indexed/cataloged. (E) (Figure 3)  
6. Select the desired "Update Action" (F) (Figure 3). If this is the first time you are building the SongList, click "Rebuild Entire SongList".  
7. You may configure Advanced Options by clicking the "Advanced" button (G) (Figure 3). (See Advanced Options below).  
8. After providing the required information above, Click "Index/Catalog Song Files" (H) (Figure 3) to begin the indexing process.  
   The file indexing/cataloging process will commence. Please wait until you see "Index/Catalog Process Complete" before continuing.  
9. Upon completion of the Import/Cataloging process, any errors encountered during the process that prevented CompuHost from properly cataloging all of the files will be displayed for your review. (See Correcting Karaoke File Indexing/Cataloging Errors )  
WARNING: It is extremely important that your Song Files are not moved from this location once indexed/cataloged by CompuHost.  
WARNING: CompuHost automatically assigns a unique Song Number to each listing. Selecting "Update SongLists Only" allows CompuHost to "ADD" listings while not affecting the Song Numbers of existing listings. Selecting "Rebuild Entire SongList" starts a NEW numbering sequence and may result in renumbered listings, thus reprinting your SongBooks may be necessary to correctly reflect the new Song Numbers . Therefore ,after you have successfully built your SongList, you should always click "Update SongList Only" when adding songs listings to the SongList! (See Advanced Options below)  

Advanced Options
(Figure 3A - Advanced Options)

1. Capitalization Options  
Edits imported/cataloged listings to provide for consistency  
·Proper Case - ALL Titles and Artist Names will be edited to the Proper Case format.  
·UPPER CASE - ALL Titles and Artist Names will be edited to the UPPER CASE format  
·No processing - ALL Titles and Artist Names will be imported/cataloged exactly as formatted in the filename.  

CompuHost Assigned Numbering Options  

CompuHost "reserves" previously assigned song numbers to specific song files. This allows for future SongList Rebuilds, while maintaining the originally assigned "CompuHost Song Number" where possible. This helps to reduce the need to reprint Song Book(s) after a "Songlist Rebuild". However, at times you may wish to "reset" the Numbering Sequence, thus restarting the sequence at 0 (zero), or you may wish to Reallocate (Release) Song Numbers currently reserved for specific songs back into the "available numbers" pool.  
2. "Reallocate Reserved CompuHost Assigned Numbers"  
This option will Reallocate (Release) ALL Reserved Song Numbers NOT presently in use. Use this option ONLY when future Songlist additions (songlist updates) do NOT require that the Song Numbers match previously printed SongBook(s).  
3. "Reset CompuHost Assigned Numbering Sequence"  
This option reallocates ALL reserved Song Numbers AND resets the CompuHost Assigned Numbering Sequence. There is a very high probability that the CompuHost Assigned Song Numbers of each listing will change from the previously assigned number. Thus, use of this option should ONLY be used when you desire to REPRINT your SongBook(s)!  
4. Include Duplicate Songs Residing in Different Folders.  
By default, CompuHost will only import/catalog ONE file matching a specific "footprint". All other matching files are ignored. Activating this option will cause ALL files to be imported, including duplicates, resulting in exact duplicates in your Songlist.