Exporting your MyKJMedia Songlist
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You may wish to export your MyKJMedia Songlist, possibly for Songbook creation purposes.
The MyKJMedia Songlist is exported as an industry standard Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, capable of importing into most spreadsheet applications and many Karaoke Songbook Creator utilities such as Songbook Creator+ (available at www.karaokeware.com).

To export your MyKJMedia Songlist...
·Select "MyKJMedia->Configure/Manage MyKJMedia" from CompuHost's Main Menu.  
·Once the dialog opens, select "Advanced->Export MyKJMedia Songlist" from the top menu.  
·If you've activated the "Download-On-Demand" option you'll be prompted as to whether you wish the "NOT yet downloaded" selections included.  
·That's it. An export file labeled "KJMediaCatalog.csv" will be created and stored in the CompuHost Program Folder (default: \Program Files\CompuHost or \Program Files (x86)\CompuHost)  

For instructions on importing the file into your favorite Spreadsheet or Karaoke Songbook Creator application please refer to the documentation and/or support resources provided with the applicable application.