Using Download-On-Demand
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Using Download-On-Demand


The "Download-On-Demand" feature is both powerful and convenient, offering you the seamless ability to download only the selections you actually need, when you need them!

·Once the "Download-On-Demand" feature is activated (see "Configuring/Managing MyKJMedia"), CompuHost will query the MyKJMedia servers on each startup, downloading a realtime list of available, but not yet downloaded MyKJMedia selections. The selections are then combined with the rest of your Karaoke selections, including your personally owned as well as all previously downloaded MyKJMedia selections. You may easily identify a "Download-On-Demand" selection by the following icon kjmdownloadicon.png  

Karaoke Cloud and Sound Choice PRO Users...
·Again, this feature is seamlessly integrated into CompuHost, and thus fully automated. To download a selection "On-Demand", you simply add the selection to a Performer's Queue using your preferred method. (See "Adding Song Selections to Performers Queue" and "Add Songs using Drag and Drop")  
·Once added to a Performer's Queue the selection will be automatically added to the "download queue", in line with all other download requests, and downloaded behind the scenes!  
·While waiting for, and during the download, the selection will be identified in both the Performer's Queue and the Songlist Search window with a "wait" icon kjmwait.png  
·Once downloaded and ready for playback, the icon will change to the regular "Cloud" icon kjmcloudicon.png  
·That's it! The performance is ready to go!  
NOTE: If for some reason the download fails the selection will be identified with a "FAILED" icon downloadfailed.png

Monitoring the download(s)
·When the "Download-On-Demand" option is activated, a "Download Status Monitor" is provided on the main screen. (A) (Image 1)  
·From there you may monitor the current download, cancel the ongoing download, or utilize the drop-down button to view a list of completed downloads.