Selection and Playback of Karaoke Cloud Subscription based selections
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Selection and Playback of Subscription based selections.

CompuHost provides for several different methods of adding requested song selections to a Performer's Queue, depending entirely on user preference. (See ".Adding Song Selections to Performers Queue" and "Add Songs using Drag and Drop")

The entire MyKJMedia system, including the Subcription based options are seamlessly integrated with whatever method you prefer, so the process is simple...

·All of your previously downloaded and locally available subcription based selections will be combined with your existing song selections within the "Song Search" dialog. To differentiate a subscription based selection, simply look for the cloud icon kjmcloudicon.png.  
·Search for and add selections as usual, using your preferred method.  
·Once added to the Performer's Queue, simply launch the performance normally. (See "Launching a Karaoke Performance")