Managing optional Subscription based services
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Managing optional subscriptions.

Performing the initial and monthly subscription validations.

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Initially and once a month, you'll be required to validate your subscription(s) by allowing CompuHost to "sync" with the MyKJMedia servers.
You may revalidate your subscription(s) anytime within 5 days of the renewal date. By revalidating prior to your actual renewal date you'll avoid any service interruptions, otherwise your subscription may expire at an inopportune time!

To revalidate your subscription(s)...
·Ensure your computer has reliable Internet access.  
·Launch CompuHost and select "MyKJMedia->Configure/Manage MyKJMedia" from the Main Menu.  
·Select "Setup/Configure"  
·If your account is currently activated within CompuHost and your subscription is within 5 days of renewal you'll find a link labeled "Validate Optional Subscription" (A) (Image 1)  
NOTE: The subscription status is automatically validated as part of the initial MyKJMedia activation process, therefore the link may not be present. Simply verify the status onscreen after performing the initial MyKJMedia activation. (see Configuring/Managing MyKJMedia)
NOTE: If the link is NOT present, either MyKJMedia is NOT currently activated (see Configuring/Managing MyKJMedia) or your subscription is valid and not due for renewal within the next 5 days.
·Simply click the link, enter your login credentials and click "Login"  

That's it. Your subscription(s) status will be verified/validated and the status result provided onscreen.